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Spring 2014 Edition
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Welcome to the Deer Breeders Corporation. Please let us know how we can best serve you.
A member owned organization that promotes and supports the deer breeding and hunting industry.

Announcing 2014 Golden Buck Divisional Winners

Latest News   Upcoming

8/16/14 - Lots are online!" - click here

7/31/14 - 2014 Scholarship Winners - click here

5/20/14 - Check out Keith Warren's Deer & Wildlife Stories television program, this special episode highlights the all-new whitetail deer research program at Texas Tech University. The potential positive impact of this new research could help combat deadly diseases which are having devastating effects on deer herds across the country. Great Video - click here

5/14/14 - This is the final reminder that the required Deer Breeder Permit annual report and renewal application must be completed with payment received at TPWD Headquarters by tomorrow, May 15, 2014. If you have already submitted your annual report and permit renewal fee or facility closure notification, please disregard this notice. While TWIMS was unavailable for a brief period of time earlier this afternoon, the website is functioning normally at this time. Instructions

5/13/14 - The 7th Annual DBC Convention is approaching! Get your consignments in TODAY!  Signup

TTU System Announces Grant Supporting White-tailed Deer Industry with Deer Breeders Corp - Researchers at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University (TIEHH) recently received a start-up grant from the Deer Breeders Corp. to look for drug residues and study insect-borne disease transmission dynamics in white-tailed deer.

The goal of the partnership between Texas Tech and Deer Breeders Corp. is to strengthen and promote an emerging and growing sector of the agricultural industry. 

Click Here for TTU Deer Research Program

DBC Radio Interview (Audio) - Click Here

Deer Research Donation Form – Click Here

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2014 7th Annual DBC Convention
August 22-23, 2014
Westin La Cantera Resort
16641 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX 785256



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New Year's Auction 2013 Event Photos Available to View - Click Here

Announcing 2013 Golden Buck Winner

Express S&S Whitetail Galore

The Deer Breeders Corporation is a non-profit organization created to provide a fair, honest, ethical organization for our members. The DBC was founded to help its members prosper and create an organizational structure that will allow for unlimited member involvement and contribution. Through this organization, our members are provided the means for people to band together to gain collective bargaining and purchasing power. The DBC has been formed to support one of our greatest natural resources, the white-tailed deer. By working with other organizations across the nation, and our state wildlife agencies, the DBC hopes to foster better habitat, provide youth with outdoor education, and deer industry awareness programs that lead to a vibrant and thriving deer industry.

We strive to continually provide our members with new benefits and services. Some of the services that we currently offer are low cost auction commissions (starting at 5%), feed rebate programs, EHD Vaccine program, and member discounts from a large number of vendors.

The DBC places a large emphasis on the importance of youth involvement and how it impacts the future deer breeding and hunting programs. In January 2011, we donated over $12,000 to the Texas Youth Hunt Program and The Game Warden’s Association Youth Hunting program. Both of these programs provide children with the opportunity to receive an extensive outdoor education, and have the ability to go hunting. These programs are very important to the DBC and we will continue to raise funds that benefit youth hunting programs. The DBC also developed a scholarship program that will benefit two different groups of students. We will have a scholarship program for second and third year veterinarian students that wish to pursue a career working with white-tailed deer. Also, we have established a general wildlife scholarship that will benefit students that are studying wildlife biology or a related field.

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