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Annual Golden Buck Contest


Contest Entry Rules

  1. Active members may submit as many bucks as they would like to the contest.
  2. There are four categories: Texas Non-Typical, Texas-Typical, Out of State Non-Typical or Out of State Typical-bucks must be submitted in the state that they were born, but owners can choose Typical or Non-Typical.
  3. There will be four age groups for each category: Yearling, Two-Year-Old, Three-Year-Old, Four-Year-Old+.
  4. Bucks must be alive within the contest year.
  5. All entries must be submitted with an original, unaltered photo.
  6. Members will have the opportunity to vote for the 2018 Golden Buck through the mail.  We ask that all ballots be enclosed in the envelopes provided.  This vote is completely anonymous and members should not include their name, signature, member number, address, or any other identifier on the ballot or envelope.  All ballots are printed on copy proof paper that will display “void” if copied.

Collection of ballots from the post office box will take place daily.
  Two members of the DBC staff will remove the ballots from the box and place them directly into a locked box
that will remain unopened until the convention.
  The Winner will be announced at the convention.

Winner will receive
Cover of the Fall 2018 TWW Magazine and article feature.
Listed on the DBC website.
Grand Champion Trophy.
Divisional winners from each category will be announced at the 10th Annual New Year’s Auction.

Grand Champion will be announced at the 11th Annual DBC Convention.

Golden Buck Rules in PDF


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