DBC Auction Terms and Conditions

All consignments in the live auctions will be charged an 8% sale commission on the last bid for each lot.  In the event that the lot is purchased by the seller or representative of the seller (buy back), the sale commission will be 8% with a minimum sales fee of $250.00. If the lot is over $100,000 the sales commission is 5%. Any lot removed from the sale for any reason after the catalog has been printed will be charged a $150 administrative fee for the first removed lot per auction. After the initial removed lot, any additional removed lots will be charged a $250 administrative fee.

All lots have the OPTION to be bought back by the seller or representative, PO'd prior to the start of the next lot, and have a written reserve.  Any lot with a written reserve must be received prior to the start of the auction.

All consignors must be a member in good standing.  All deer and/or semen consigned must be submitted with a DNAS parentage verification certificate.  Only those deer which are verified by DNA will be included in the written pedigree in the auction book with the exception of donated lots. (ALL DEER MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH A DNAS PARENTAGE VERIFICATION CERTIFICATE).  Only a limited number of consignments per breeder number may be submitted to each auction.  The number of consignments per breeder will be specified on each consignment form.
All lots will be judged by the Auction Committee and only a certain number of lots will make it to the live auction.  Please consign your very best lot possible.

Buyer/Bidder Registration
All potential bidders/buyers MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO BIDDING. Bidders will receive a bidder's number upon registration which will be used during the auction bidding process. Upon registration, buyers agree to the terms and conditions of the DBC auction.

All BALANCES on lots purchased by bidders/buyers MUST BE PAID IN FULL IMMEDIATELY at the end of the auction regardless of whether the consignor also purchased lots in the sale. Lot purchases will NOT be deducted from the consignor's settlement and consignors will not be paid until buyers have paid for the items purchased and the check has cleared the bank. Payments can be made via personal check, business check or credit card. (All credit card payments will be charged a 3% service fee.)  Purchases of donated lots and semen lots will require immediate 100% payment. Purchases of Non-Semen and Non-Donated lots will require immediate payment of 50%, the remaining balance must be paid to the consignor at the time of pick up or delivery. The DBC will take its commission from the initial 50% and mail a check to the consignor for the remaining portion of the total sales price. Purchasers are encouraged to pay the day of the sale and will be charged a late fee of $5.00 per day after 5 business days until the balance is settled, with the exception of online simulcast purchases who will have 10 business days from the date of the sale to submit payment via personal check, business or credit card by phone.  The DBC reserves the right to accept payment based on special valid circumstances.

Auction Additions/Changes
Any changes or additions to the auction catalog will be made by the auctioneer or auction announcer from the auction block at the time of auction. Items may be changed or added to at the discretion of the DBC or auctioneer.

All lots auctioned will be sold to the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer. Once the auctioneer has said "SOLD", buyers will be presented with a contract. This contract must be signed by the buyer and will therefore require payment from the buyer to the auction agency and the seller. If buyer does not agree to sign the buyer's agreement form the lot(s) will be sold again.

Lots with multiple animals/straws will be sold to the highest bid "times" the number of items.  Back-up bidder then has the option to purchase any remaining items for the same amount.  Lots with multiple items will not be divided and auctioned multiple times. 

The Deer Breeders Corp. will only be the selling agency. All contracts are between the buyer and the seller.

The delivery of all lots sold at auction must be arranged by the buyer and the seller. DBC will NOT assume any responsibility for the delivery or transfer of any animals or materials sold at auction. DBC also holds no responsibility for the size, score or the genetics represented by the seller of animals auctioned or the craftsmanship of materials other than animals auctioned.  The buyer has 30 days from the final day of the auction to contact the seller for any items purchased, after the 30 days the purchase is voided if not contacted.

DBC and any other persons involved with the production of the auction will NOT be held liable for and accidents or mishaps that may occur during the function or event. The DBC is not liable for the condition of any deer or semen sold at the auction.   The DBC recommends that the buyer assures himself or herself of the quality and condition of the deer before purchasing and delivery of the deer or semen.

Any and all disputes during the auction will be settled by the auctioneer. The auctioneer's decision on any bidding dispute or misunderstanding is FINAL! Any dispute between the buyer/seller/auctioneer after the auction will be settled by the Board of Directors.

The DBC has made extensive efforts to guarantee that the animals or materials sold in this auction are properly represented in each lot description. Although the DBC has reviewed all consignments we DO NOT guarantee the representation of any consignment. Issues with the misrepresentation of any consignments must be resolved between the buyer and the seller.